Research + Resources

This is an ever-growing collection of great writers, resources, websites, research and a few of my own papers on the topics of behavior change, communications, and content marketing.

Great Writers & Storytellers

Without Bullshit – just start here.

Robert McKee – a world renown storyteller that also works with companies to help them tell compelling brand stories.

Michael Hauge – a master Hollywood storyteller with a compelling message for marketers on how to make brands meaningful.

Derek Sivers – everything this guy writes is true.

Paul Jarvis – Simple, compelling writing and solid advice for freelancers.  I am a rat person for life.

Content Marketing & Strategy

The Content Marketing Institute


Convince & Convert

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing – a comprehensive guide to building a strategy from high level to brass tacts.

Communications & Employee Engagement

Edelman on Internal Communications – an archive of their employee engagement articles

Havard Business Review – Selling your company’s brand internally (great article)

Melcrum – a great resource for all things Internal Comms

Crescenzo Communications – I wish they’d update their blog more often.  It’s really well done.

All Things IC – a great blog/resource on internal communications

Research & Reports

When and Why Incentives (Don’t) Work to Modify Behavior

2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study (Tons of great info and data)

The Science Behind What Is Making People Do The Right Thing  A 2014 research paper by Oren Berkovich

Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change (A research paper by Philip Kotler & Gerald Zaltman)

Marketing Social Marketing in the Social Change Marketplace (A research paper by Alan Andreasen)

Crafting Effective Messages for Environmental Conservation: A White Paper in Energy and
Environmental Education and Behavior Change (A review of current field research by Caren Magill)

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