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employee internal comms and change management
Are you struggling to get a consistent message across to your employees in an engaging way? Want to ensure a significant process change or business transformation is successful and integrates into business as usual practices?

Then you need a strategic narrative that resonates and engages your employees to take action.  

I love helping companies articulate and communicate their internal narratives, whether it’s focused on a specific change management initiative, or simply developing an internal communications framework to keep a growing number of employees aligned and engaged.

How can I help

You:  I need an experienced communications professional that can ramp up quickly to support a temporary change initiative and can simplify complex ideas for broad audiences, work with leadership to define their roles in the project and oversee the process from start to finish.

Whether you’re working through a reorganization, a company-wide platform integration or introducing a new way of doing business, I can plug into an existing communications function and help ensure an important project is successfully planned and executed. Leveraging your existing communication channels, I can create strategic content that informs, engages and inspires employees to take action or understand an important decision.  You probably need me to help with executive communications, customer win stories, live events, developing walking decks, talking points, messaging documents, video interviews, and intranet content to keep the story going.

You: I need someone to come in and build our internal communication strategy so we’re communicating with our employees in a way they’ll pay attention to.

If you’re a growing company that doesn’t yet have a strategy for communicating with employees, I can help you set that up.  My process includes a detailed needs assessment to identify awareness gaps and understand how your employees prefer to be kept informed. With that, I will deliver a unique communications strategy to connect the dots between the needs and wants of your business.  Depending on your specific needs and resources, I can build the channel infrastructure (i.e. weekly newsletters, quarterly All Hands meetings, intranet development or executive comms) and manage the follow of content for you, or just lay the strategic groundwork for an existing employee to manage.

If you have a project or communications need I can help with, please reach out for a free consultation.